Member/CNCP Flagged Vessels Register

    If a vessel is not found on the Approved Vessels list please refer to the Previously Authorized Vessels list to access the history of authorized periods of operations for a vessel not currently authorized to conduct fishing activities.

    Authorized by Member/CNCP: Russia
    Vessel NPFC Vessel ID Port of Registry Previous Names Vessel Type Registration Number Gear Type IRCS Vessel Tonnage Authorized by Member/CNCP MMSI
    LUCHEGORSK 636 Nakhodka Lift netters nei (NOX) 200712705 Traps (nei) (FIX) UBFO9 1475.00 Russia 273380240
    MYS CHUPROVA 682 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky TRAWLERS (TO) X-0523 TRAWLS UEAZ 2077.00 Russia 273898000
    Nogliki 664 Nakhodka TRAWLERS (TO) 33-965-209 Trawls (nei) (TX) UFSP 448.00 Russia 273841110
    NOVA ZEELANDIA 1371 Kaliningrad MASHU REEFER , MASHU MARU FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) PM-22-68 Gear not known (NK) UBSR2 4440.00 Russia
    OSTROVNOY-11 1494 Nevelsk Mlechnyy Put' TRAWLERS (TO) G-0915 Trawls (nei) (TX) UDDY 3965.00 Russia MMSI: 273429800
    OSTROVNOY-12 1496 Nevelsk Namiichi Maru NO.71 Fish carriers and reefers nei (FOX) HC9283 Gear not known (NK) UBWW 558.00 Russia 273217620
    OSTROVNOY-8 1137 Kholmsk BATYAL TRAWLERS (TO), Purse seiners (SP) XK-0690 Purse seines (PS), TRAWLS UBVP4 1086.00 Russia 273399240
    Ozersk 669 Nakhodka Refrigerated transport vessels (FR) 200847955 UHWR 2673.00 Russia 273814050
    PAMYAT ILICHA 565 Kaliningrad FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) 2181 Gear not known (NK) UFYW 12406.00 Russia 273211110
    PAMYAT KIROVA 571 Kaliningrad FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) 2179 Gear not known (NK) UFXA 12403.00 Russia 273210110
    PETR I 689 Vanino Stern trawlers freezer (TTF) ВО-0050 TRAWLS UBGP8 7733.00 Russia
    Plastun 665 Nakhodka TRAWLERS (TO) 33-34-216 Trawls (nei) (TX) UHVB 448.00 Russia 273821900
    Progress 666 Nakhodka POSYET Refrigerated transport vessels (FR) 200963818 UFWZ 4295.00 Russia 273311860
    Proliv Longa 1233 Nakhodka SNOWFROST Refrigerated transport vessels (FR) 800756 Gear not known (NK) UBXG4 13496.00 Russia
    REYNEKE 644 Vladivostok TRAWLERS (TO) 903083 Trawls (nei) (TX) UGEV 738.00 Russia
    Runaway Bay 1379 Kaliningrad SUN MARIA, HUDSON REX FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) PM-22-65 Gear not known (NK) UBGP6 9070.00 Russia
    SADOVSK 646 Vladivostok Trawlers nei (TOX) 781273 Trawls (nei) (TX) UGEL 739.00 Russia
    Sedanka 661 Nakhodka Stern trawlers freezer (TTF) 33-170-4 Semipelagic trawls (TSP) UGKG 771.96 Russia 273824300
    SERGEY BOCHKAREV 1500 Vanino KAI FU HAO Stern trawlers freezer (TTF) ВО1985 Trawls (nei) (TX) UBST3 7733.00 Russia 273214530