2017 Pacific saury and chub mackerel stock assessment meetings concluded in Vladivostok, Russia

    The Russian Federation hosted the first meeting of the Technical Working Group on Chub Mackerel Stock Assessment (TWG CMSA01) and the second meeting of the Technical Working Group on Pacific Saury Stock Assessment (TWG PSSA02) at the Hyundai Hotel, Vladivostok. The meetings took place from the 4th until the 8th of December and were attended by 34 participants from six Members.

    Dr. Oleg Katugin (Russia) and Dr. Toshihide Kitakado (Japan) served as Chairs of TWG CMSA01 and TWG PSSA02 respectively. The stock assessment meeting  for the chub mackerel lasted for two days, immediately followed by the Pacific saury, which continued for three more days. Meeting reports developed by each technical working group will be considered by the Scientific Committee at its meeting in April 2018.