2019 Scientific Committee meetings held in Jeju, Republic of Korea

    The NPFC Scientific Committee (SC) and its Small Scientific Committees (SSC) met in Jeju, Republic of Korea from 15 to 26 April 2019.


    The SSC on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (VME) reviewed the list of VME indicator taxa and post-encounter measure and discussed data sharing for mapping of combined fishing footprint and assessment of impact of bottom fisheries on VMEs. The SSC on Bottom Fish continued development of the adaptive management process to sustainably exploit North Pacific armorhead and splendid alfonsino stocks and proposed revisions for conservation and management measures for bottom fisheries and protection of VMEs in the northwestern and northeastern Pacific Ocean. The SSC on Pacific Saury finalized its first benchmark stock assessment of Pacific saury and discussed further steps towards updating the current assessment and developing a new one with age-structured models.


    The recommendations from the SSCs contributed to the Scientific Committee meeting which reviewed them and provided scientific advice to the Commission with respect to the management of fisheries resources and protection of marine ecosystems in the NPFC Convention Area. The SC revised its Work Plan, addressed issues related to data collection, management and security, proposed restructure of its subsidiary bodies and discussed recent and future cooperation with other organizations to facilitate the implementation of the Work Plan.


    The meeting reports will be available on the website in July. For more information visit the meeting web page: https://www.npfc.int/meetings

    SC04 Meeting