3rd Commission meeting held in Sapporo, Japan

    The third Commission Meeting of the North Pacific Fisheries Commission was held in Sapporo, Japan from 13 to 15 July 2017, preceded by the second Meeting of the NPFC Compliance and Technical Committee (TCC) from 10 to 12 July and the first meeting of the NPFC Finance and Administration Committee (FAC).

    The Commission Members discussed and adopted reports of the Scientific Committee (SC), TCC and FAC including the SC Research Plan, the TCC Work Plan and Commission’s budget. Four Conservation and Management Measures (CMM) were revised (CMM on IUU Vessels, two CMMs on Bottom Fisheries and Protection of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems in the Northwestern and Northeastern Pacific Ocean, CMM on Chub Mackerel).  Two new CMMs: one on Pacific saury, and the second on High Seas Boarding and Inspection Procedures were adopted. Members have developed the first NPFC IUU vessel list. Several new policies and administrative documents have been established.

    The Meeting Reports are now available on the web page under 'Meetings'.