Fifth Commission Meeting concludes in Tokyo, Japan

    The 5th Meeting of the NPFC took place in Tokyo, Japan on 16-18 July 2019, and was attended by more than 130 participants from eight Members and seven observer organizations including FAO, IGOs and NGOs.

    The Commission Members discussed and adopted the reports of the Scientific Committee (SC), Technical and Compliance Committee (TCC) and Finance and Administration Committee (FAC) meetings held prior to the Commission meeting, including the recommendations therein.

    The key decisions made by the Commission were:

    • Adopted four new CMMs (Sablefish, Japanese Sardine and Japanese Flying Squid, Vessel Monitoring System, and Compliance Monitoring Scheme)
    • Revised six CMMs (Vessel Registration, IUU fishing vessels, Pacific Saury, Chub Mackerel, Bottom Fisheries NW and NE Pacific)
    • Adopted the NPFC IUU vessel list for 2019 by adding six new vessels to the current NPFC IUU list
    • A proposed 2020 annual budget was adopted and indicative budgets for the years 2021 and 2022 were considered by the Commission
    • Selection of new Chairs: Dr. Vladimir Belyaev (Russia, COM), Dr. Robert Day (Canada, TCC, extension for two years), Dr. Janelle Curtis (Canada, SC)

    The Commission also discussed other administrative issues and endorsed the following: proposal to develop a Strategic Plan for the Commission, invitation of three internship candidates, publication of press releases.  The Commission also took a positive step in addressing the implementation of Performance Review of the Commission in accordance with the Convention and requested the Secretariat to conduct a review of the methodology applied by other RFMOs in conducting their performance reviews.

    The meetings of the Commission scheduled for 2019/2020 period are as follows: SSC PS05 on 13-16 November 2019 in Japan, TWG CMSA03 in March 2020 in Japan, SSCs/SC05 meetings in April 2020 in Vanuatu, TCC05/FAC04/COM06 meetings on 30 July-06 August 2020 in Japan.

    Intersessional TCC SWG WEBEX meetings are expected to take place to address issues on Vessel Registry, HSBI, VMS and Assessing Compliance.

    The meeting reports are available on the website: