NPFC takes steps toward management strategy evaluation for Pacific saury

    The NPFC Small Working Group on Management Strategy Evaluation for Pacific Saury (SWG MSE PS) held its first meeting on 21-22 February 2022 to set the stage for MSE for Pacific saury. It was led by Dr. Toshihide Kitakado and Mr. Justin Turple who represented the science and management sides, respectively. The SWG MSE PS aims at developing an interim harvest control rule within 1-2 years to enhance the existing conservation and management measure for this species. As the next step to address the mid-term goal (3-5 years), the group will develop a set of candidate management procedures through an MSE process to meet the management objectives identified by the Commission.

    At the meeting, the SWG MSE PS proposed some options for management objectives, reference points, and operating models for further consideration at the next meeting. The SWG also discussed the role of NPFC subsidiary bodies in this exercise, determined tasks and timelines for its future work, and selected an external expert to support the group.

    The SWG MSE PS meeting report will be available on the NPFC website in March.