Sixth Commission Meeting concludes virtual meetings

    The 6th Annual Meeting of the NPFC took place from 23 to 25 February 2021 by video conferencing, which was chaired by Dr. Vladimir Belyaev (Russia) and preceded by the Technical and Compliance Committee (TCC) Meeting from 18 to 20 February and the Finance and Administration Committee (FAC) Meeting on 21 February. The event was attended by around 120 participants from eight Members and 10 observer groups.

    The Commission Meeting has achieved the following:

    • Adopted subsidiary body meeting reports with recommendations: Scientific Committee (24-27 November 2020), Technical and Compliance Committee (18-20 February 2021), Finance and Administration Committee (22 February 2021)
    • Adopted 2021 NPFC IUU vessel list
    • Adopted final Compliance Monitoring Report
    • Adopted 2021 and 2022 annual budget similar to previous years
    • Revised Conservation and Management Measures (CMM) for Vessel Registration, Bottom fisheries and protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean, chub mackerel, Pacific saury, High Seas Boarding and Inspection Procedures, Japanese sardine, neon flying squid, Japanese flying squid, and Vessel Monitoring System
    • The European Union was accepted as a new Member to NPFC upon deposit of its ratification instrument
    • Panama was granted CNCP status for one year effective 26 February 2021
    • The Commission also discussed other administrative issues. The meeting report is available here.

    The meeting schedule for 2021-2022 will be discussed intersessionally.


    COM06 Group photo