Commission Structure

    The NPFC is comprised of the Commission formed by all its Members and Cooperating Non-Contracting Parties.  The Commission is supported by three subsidiary bodies: the Scientific Committee (SC); the Technical and Compliance Committee (TCC) and the Finance and Administration Committee (FAC).  Each of these subsidiary bodies have their own specialist technical supporting groups.

    At present under the Scientific Committee, there are three such groups: the Small Scientific Committee on Pacific Saury (SSC PS); the Small Scientific Committee on Bottom Fish and Marine Ecosystems (SSC BF-ME); and the Technical Working Group on Chub Mackerel Stock Assessment (TWG CMSA).

    The Technical and Compliance Committee used to have four small working groups (SWGs) but decided to combine these into two (2) groups: SWG on Planning & Development and SWG on Operations.  The resultant NPFC structure is noted below.

    NPFC structure