Employment Opportunities

    Job Vacancies at NPFC

    There are currently no positions advertised.



    Application for the NPFC Internship is open all year-round. Due to the postponement of the Commission Meeting to early 2021, we are seeking candidates for the internship period starting from mid to late 2021... READ MORE



    As with Internships, Secondments are welcomed for mid-level or senior officials who can assist the Commission and Secretariat in its work and are usually between one to 12 months in duration. As with the Internship program, we are now seeking candidates for the secondment period starting from mid to late 2021... READ MORE


    Job Vacancies/Opportunities at other RFMOs

    SPRFMO - Compliance Manager(Application deadline: 30 June 2020)... READ MORE

    SPRFMO - Executive Secretary (Application deadline: 10 August 2020)... READ MORE

    CCAMLR - French Translation Team Coordinator (Application deadline: 04 June 2020)... READ MORE