Scientific Committee

    The Scientific Committee provides scientific advice and recommendations to the Commission.

    The primary functions of the Scientific Committee are:

    • regularly plan, conduct and review the scientific assessments of the status of fisheries resources in the Convention Area, identify actions required for their conservation and management, and provide advice and recommendations to the Commission;
    • assess the impacts of fishing activities on fisheries resources and species belonging to the same ecosystem or dependent upon or associated with the target stocks;
    • develop a process to identify vulnerable marine ecosystems and areas or features where these ecosystems are known to occur, or are likely to occur, and the location of bottom fisheries in relation to these areas or features, taking due account of the need to protect confidential information;
    • review any assessments, determinations and management measures and make any necessary recommendation in order to attain the objective of this Convention;
    • develop rules and standards for the collection, verification, reporting, and the security of, exchange of, access to and dissemination of data on fisheries resources, species belonging to the same ecosystem, or dependent upon or associated with the target stocks and fishing activities in the Convention Area;
    • collect, analyze and disseminate relevant information.

    Chairperson: Janelle CURTIS (Canada)

    Focal Points of Contacts:

      Canada: Chris ROOPER and Janelle CURTIS

      China: Siquan TIAN, Jie CAO and Qiuyun MA

      European Union: Karolina MOLLA GAZI

      Japan: Kazuhiro OSHIMA and Shuya NAKATSUKA

      Korea: Jeongseok PARK, Eunjung KIM, Hyejin SONG and Sang-jin CHOI

      Russia: Aleksei BAITALIUK and Ilya GERASHCHENKO

      Chinese Taipei: Wen-Bin HUANG, Shih-Chin CHOU and Shih-Chi HUANG

      USA: Felipe CARVALHO and Erin BOHABOY

      Vanuatu: Tony TALEO, Kevin LIN, Mei-Chin JUAN and Sompert GEREVA