Member/CNCP Flagged Vessels Register

The records listed below are previously approved vessels but do not have current authorization period.

Authorized by Member/CNCP: Russia
Vessel NPFC Vessel ID IMO Number Port of Registry Previous Names Vessel Type Registration Number Gear Type IRCS Vessel Tonnage Authorized by Member/CNCP MMSI
REYNEKE 644 8860585 Vladivostok TRAWLERS (TO) 903083 Trawls (nei) (TX) UGEV 738.00 Russia
Runaway Bay 1379 9019640 Kaliningrad SUN MARIA, HUDSON REX FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) PM-22-65 Gear not known (NK) UBGP6 9070.00 Russia
RUSSKIY VITYAZ 645 imo_pending_RUSSIA_11298 Nevel'sk TRAWLERS (TO) Г-0443 TRAWLS UGHD 1898.00 Russia
SADOVSK 646 7828700 Vladivostok Trawlers nei (TOX) 781273 Trawls (nei) (TX) UGEL 739.00 Russia
Seawind-1 808 8721143 Kholmsk Kapitan Lomaev Other fishing vessels [FISHING VESSELS NOT SPECIFIED] (FX) 59-0394-811 TRAWLS UIQK 4.00 Russia
Sergey Bochkarev(inactive) 690 8804309 Sovetskaya Gavan Side trawlers freezer (TSF) СГ-0161 TRAWLS UBAG4 1574.00 Russia
SHANS 103 1292 8608858 Vladivostok KAIYO MARU NO. 88 Longliners (LL) 822 Longlines (nei) (LL) UBDH9 678.00 Russia
SLAVYANKA 1314 8502432 Vladivostok FRIO CANARIAS FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) 10544 Gear not known (NK) UBPC 4109.00 Russia
Smolninskiy 1223 8847131 Vladivostok FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) 890127 Gear not known (NK) UBVW 2483.00 Russia
SORAKSAN 1232 8723361 Vladivostok ZOLOTAYA DOLINA FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) 846478 Gear not known (NK) UAYO 6648.00 Russia
SSK-1 647 imo_pending_RUSSIA_46207 Nevel'sk Other fishing vessels [FISHING VESSELS NOT SPECIFIED] (FX) Г-0857 Stationary uncovered pound nets (FPN) UBXF9 1049.00 Russia
SSK-2 648 imo_pending_RUSSIA_46212 Nevel'sk Other fishing vessels [FISHING VESSELS NOT SPECIFIED] (FX) Г-0865 Stationary uncovered pound nets (FPN) UBXF7 1170.00 Russia
SSK-3 649 8747989 Nevel'sk Side trawlers freezer (TSF) Г-0858 Stationary uncovered pound nets (FPN) UBXF8 1007.00 Russia
SSK-5 650 imo_pending_RUSSIA_46218 Nevel'sk Other fishing vessels [FISHING VESSELS NOT SPECIFIED] (FX) Г-0870 Stationary uncovered pound nets (FPN) UBXF6 959.00 Russia
SSK-6 651 Pending IMO no. Nevel'sk Side trawlers freezer (TSF) 866 Trawls (nei) (TX) UHRY 1195.00 Russia
SUROVSK 653 7831915 Vladivostok Trawlers nei (TOX) 791345 Trawls (nei) (TX) UIAK 739.00 Russia
SYCHEVO 654 imo_pending_RUSSIA_10689 Vladivostok TRAWLERS (TO) B 0223 TRAWLS UGEQ 739.00 Russia
Sychyovo 807 7832880 Vladivostok Other fishing vessels [FISHING VESSELS NOT SPECIFIED] (FX) 223 TRAWLS UGEQ 739.00 Russia
TAURUS 655 9281035 Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy PATHWAY Stern trawlers (TT) ПК-2094 UBEJ 2194.00 Russia
TAVRIA 1579 8826759 Vladivostok SEVASTOPOLYSKAYA BUKHTA FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) 890606 Gear not known (NK) UBIH4 6869.00 Russia