Member/CNCP Flagged Vessels Register

The records listed below are previously approved vessels but do not have current authorization period.

Authorized by Member/CNCP: Chinese Taipei
Vessel NPFC Vessel ID IMO Number Port of Registry Previous Names Vessel Type Registration Number Gear Type IRCS Vessel Tonnage Authorized by Member/CNCP MMSI
JIN HWEI NO.101 94 7323396 Kaohsiung NIKKO MARU FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) CT8-0023 Gear not known (NK) BEAP 1376.00 Chinese Taipei 416861000
SHUENN MAN NO.1 27 8686159 Kaohsiung LIFT NETTERS - using boat operated net (NB), Line vessels nei (LOX) CT7-0496 Boat-operated lift nets (LNB), Handlines and hand-operated pole-and-lines (LHP) BI2496 945.00 Chinese Taipei 416031600
YUH LONG FA 1259 8680521 Kaohsiung CHEN YUAN 161 Line vessels nei (LOX) CT7-0127 Handlines and hand-operated pole-and-lines (LHP) BI2127 888.00 Chinese Taipei 416562000