The NPFC Internship Program has two goals:

    1. to help early-career professionals gain experience and knowledge in operations of the Commission, and
    2. to increase the capacity of the NPFC secretariat through the presence of an additional professional bringing his/her experience and knowledge


    Period of internship 

    Start from mid to late 2024 for a period up to a maximum of six (6) months. (Negotiable)


    Qualifications of Candidates

    Applicants must be from NPFC Member, have a minimum of a university degree, the ability to read, write, and speak English, the ability to use computers and the internet, and demonstrated personal initiative.
    Applicants must currently be a part of the government or academic sector, a recent graduate, or currently enrolled in school for an advanced degree.


    Announcement of Internship

    The Commission will announce the successful intern at the Commission Meeting.  The NPFC Secretariat staff will contact the successful intern immediately after the Commission Meeting to make arrangements with the intern to assume the internship.


    Financial Support

    NPFC will provide a stipend of 200,000 JPY per month to assist in accommodation and living costs. Travel costs for the intern to and from their place of residence and the location of the Secretariat will be at his/her own expense or by home country support. Travel expenses associated with the Intern's work in the Secretariat will be covered by NPFC. The Intern's medical insurance and benefits are not covered by the NPFC Internship Program.

    The Applicant must:

    1. Provide an introductory letter in English to the Executive Secretary which includes: 
      a.    Name and contact details and affiliation with the Member and/or NPFC;
      b.    Interest in NPFC and the reasons for applying for the internship noting the range of tasks performed by the Secretariat which includes: 
             - fisheries management;
             - fisheries science;
             - databases;
             - administrative, meeting coordination, publications; and
             - other NPFC activities delegated by the Executive Secretary.
      c.    Certification of university degree and state the degree of familiarity with computer applications;
      d.    Other details of work experience and academic qualifications.
    2. Submit two (2) letters of reference from persons knowledgeable of the applicant's qualifications with e-mail contacts for each reference.
    3. Indicate the expected period of internship and intended outputs, noting the limit of 6 months.
    4. Indicate the acceptance of the terms for remuneration and travel for the internship


    All applications must be received in full at the office of the NPFC Executive Secretary 60 days prior to the Commission meeting.