The NPFC Secondment Program has one objective:

    “To benefit from the experience of a senior technical specialist from a Member Party to assist NPFC Secretariat in setting up or further developing new systems and mechanisms, and provide advice on operational matters.”


    Period of secondment    

    Start from mid to late 2025 for a period up to a maximum of twelve (12) months.


    Qualifications of Candidates

    The preferred individual is a senior technical specialist from a Member Party who has relevant technical experience in one of the key areas of work of the Commission, e.g., data system development and operations, information security, compliance operations/MCS/VMS, science projects and stock assessment, management/harvest control rules, finance and administration systems, and others.


    Announcement of Secondment

    The Commission will announce the successful secondee at the Annual Meeting.  The NPFC Secretariat staff will contact the secondee immediately after the Annual Meeting by email, or by phone, or by regular mail to make arrangements with the secondee to assume the secondment.


    Travel expenses

    The secondee may or may not be provided air travel at economy rate subject to discussions and approval of the Executive Secretary.


    The Applicant must:

    1. Provide an introductory letter in English to the Executive Secretary which includes: 
      a. Name and contact details and affiliation with the Member and/or NPFC;
      b. Interest in NPFC and where technical experience could further assist the Secretariat in setting up or further developing key systems for the Commission.
      c. Resume of work experience, technical and academic qualifications.
    2. Submit two (2) letters of reference from persons knowledgeable of the applicant's qualifications with e-mail contacts for each reference.
    3. Indicate the expected period of secondment and intended outputs, noting the limit of 12 months.
    4. Indicate the acceptance of the terms for remuneration and travel for the secondment.


    All applications must be received in full at the office of the NPFC Executive Secretary 60 days prior to the Annual Session of the Commission.