Secretariat - NPFC Performance Review Report

    The NPFC Performance Review, conducted in 2022 and for consideration and acceptance is presented here. Members are asked to consider the implications. FAC05 and TCC06 will review the draft document. SC07 has reviewed the draft. A set of options will be considered by FAC in NPFC-2023-FAC05-WP08.

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    Performance Review of the Commission
    Penelope RIDINGS, PhD, International Lawyer and Honorary Professor (Chair)
    Huang-chih CHIANG, PhD, Professor of Law, College of Law, National Taiwan University
    Quentin HANICH, PhD, A/Professor, University of Wollongong
    James IANELLI, PhD, NOAA
    Joji MORISHITA, PhD, Professor, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
    Siquan Tian, PhD, Professor, Fisheries Sciences at Shanghai Ocean University
    Osvaldo URRUTIA, PhD, Lecturer and FAO Consultant
    Andrew Wright, Consultant
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