Canada - Consideration for the Development of a Pollution Prevention Measure for the North Pacific Fisheries Commission Convention Area

    Note from Secretariat: Rev 1: This has the corrected paper number on the document. It had been mistyped as COM07.

    In response to consistent and widespread observations of NPFC vessels discharging pollution into the waters of the Convention Area, Canada recommends that the Commission adopt a Conservation and Management Measure for the prevention, reduction, and elimination of marine pollution in the North Pacific Fisheries Commission (NPFC) Convention Area.


    Canada was deeply concerned to see that pollution disposal at sea has become a frequent sighting while observing NPFC fishing vessels.  To discourage this practice, Canada proposes a measure that will discourage the practice of waste disposal in Convention waters while supporting the development of effective waste management practices for NPFC fishing vessels.


    Inspired by a similar measure adopted in the South Pacific Regional Fisheries Management Organization, this work would align the NPFC with like-minded Regional Fisheries Management Organizations (RFMOs) that want to ensure the fishing activities they manage do not negatively impact the marine environment.  This work would also complement the application of the International Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution from Ships (MARPOL) throughout the Convention Area, recognizing its implementation is limited beyond domestic waters.

    (Posted: 24th March 10h40)

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