Non-Member Carrier Vessels Register

The records listed below are previously approved vessels but do not have current authorization period.

Authorized by Member/CNCP: China
Vessel NPFC Vessel ID Port of Registry Previous Names Vessel Type Registration Number Gear Type IRCS Vessel Tonnage Authorized by Member/CNCP MMSI
FRIO MOGAMI 556 Panama MOGAMI REEFER FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) 26623-99-E Gear not known (NK) 3FSC9 7367.00 China 357735000
OCEAN STAR 86 1177 Panama Coral Mermaid FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) 50308-PEXT Gear not known (NK) 3FKX6 9829.00 China 353709000
SKYFROST 558 Panama YU SHAN FISH CARRIERS AND REEFERS (FO) 26849-00-CH Gear not known (NK) 3FTR9 12383.00 China 357805000