Draft Framework for Annual e-Reports

    The intent of this paper is to address the Commission decision last year to split the Members’ annual reports into separate general, scientific and compliance sections so that the annual general and scientific reports can be released to the public and the compliance section held in the Members’ area until sensitized, and then released according to our confidentiality rules.  This paper is also linked to the scientific proposal regarding document management (NPFC-2018-TCC03-WP01 Management of documents, reports and intersessional communications), and will be linked through the data warehouse to the chart of accounts and compliance monitoring system to facilitate Member’s entry of data.

    It is intended to move directly to e-reporting for Members annual reports instead of first splitting the annual reports and then reconfiguring them for e-reporting.  The e-Reporting system would link to the chart of accounts and the new Information Management System, about to be launched, so that the Annual Report and Compliance Monitoring Report would auto-pre-fill the reports from data already provided to the data warehouse and thus eliminate duplicate reporting requirements.

    It is further intended, after comments and amendments by Members, to provide the proposed framework to our database service supplier to transform it into an e-reporting system merging with the data warehouse and commencement of use in 2019.

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    Annual Reporting Format (Science vs. Compliance data: e-reports)
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