3rd Technical and Compliance Committee Meeting

    Short Name
    3rd TCC
    Start Date
    End Date
    Registration Due
    Meeting Papers Due
    Meeting Information File
    1. Opening of the Meeting
    2. Appointment of Rapporteur
    3. Admission of Observers
    4. Adoption of Agenda
    5. Progress Report on TCC Work Plan
    5.1 Brief Overview of North Pacific Fisheries
    5.2 Chair’s Presentation on intersessional work on the TCC Work Plan 2017-2018
    5.2.1 SWG Vessel Registry
    a. Online Vessel Registry
    b. Vessel Marking and Identification
    5.2.2 SWG VMS
    a. VMS Options
    5.2.3 SWG Assessing Compliance
    a. CMM Chart of Accounts
    b. NPFC Conservation and Sustainable Use Handbook
    c. High Seas Boarding and Inspection Implementation Plan
    6. Review of MCS related issues from SC
    6.1 Observer Program
    6.2 Other Issues from SC
    7. Review of Current CMMs
    7.1 CMM 2016-01 - Vessel Registry
    7.2 CMM 2017-02 – IUU
    a. Review Current NPFC IUU Vessel List
    b. Review Draft IUU Vessel List – Provisional NPFC IUU Vessel List
    7.3 CMM 2016-03 – Interim Transshipment Procedures
    7.4 CMM 2016-04 – Vessels with No Nationality
    7.5 CMM 2017-05 – Bottom Fisheries and VME Protection NW Pacific Ocean
    a. Status of the proposal of crab fishery – Russia and Ukraine
    7.6 CMM 2017-06 – Bottom Fisheries and VME Protection NE Pacific Ocean
    7.7 CMM 2017-07 – Chub Mackerel
    7.8 CMM 2017-08 - Pacific saury
    7.9 CMM 2017-09 – High Seas Boarding and Inspection
    8. New MCS-related CMMs and Issues
    9. Compliance Work Plan and Priorities
    9.1 Forward-looking work plan priorities, projects and budget planning
    9.2 Summary of SWG Recommendations for the TCC Work Plan
    10. Data management and security
    10.1 Data management and reporting
    a. Annual Reporting Format (Science vs. Compliance data: e-reports)
    10.2 Information security regulations (Canada, USA)
    11. Other Matters
    12. Recommendations to the Commission
    13. Next Meeting
    14. Adoption of the Report
    15. Close of the Meeting