Non-Member Carrier Vessels Register

    If a vessel is not found on the Approved Vessels list please refer to the Previously Authorized Vessels list to access the history of authorized periods of operations for a vessel not currently authorized to conduct fishing activities.

    Authorized By Member: Chinese Taipei
    Vessel NPFC Vessel ID Port of Registry Previous Names Vessel Type Registration Number Gear Type IRCS Vessel Tonnage Authorized By Member
    SHUN HANG 1176 Panama FISH CARRIERS (FO) 49132-PEXT-1 GEAR NOT KNOWN OR NOT SPECIFIED (NK) H3DE 3321.00 Chinese Taipei
    TAI FU NO.3 691 Panama FISH CARRIERS (FO) 48446-17 GEAR NOT KNOWN OR NOT SPECIFIED (NK) H3AI 3505.00 Chinese Taipei
    VIVA 106 1299 Panama FISH CARRIERS (FO) 18438-89-H 3EGN7 3754.00 Chinese Taipei
    YUN DER 1321 Panama FISH CARRIERS (FO) 50066-18 GEAR NOT KNOWN OR NOT SPECIFIED (NK) 3FTC7 7139.00 Chinese Taipei