Cooperation with NPAFC: IYS surveys in the high seas of the North Pacific

    At its 3rd meeting in April 2018, the SC expressed support for the scientific cooperation between the NPFC and NPAFC in regard to the International Year of the Salmon (IYS) initiative and international survey in the North Pacific, recognized it as a project for 2019 and recommended that the Science Manager continue to participate in IYS-related initiatives. The IYS successfully conducted its first international research survey in the Gulf of Alaska in February-March 2019 and started drafting a program for its signature project - large-scale pan-Pacific multinational ecosystem survey in the high seas of the North Pacific in 2021. The NPFC is invited to attend a NPAFC-PICES workshop Developing a collaborative, integrated ecosystem survey program to determine climate/ocean mechanisms affecting the productivity and distribution of salmon and associated pelagic fishes across the North Pacific Ocean (Victoria, Canada, October 2019) and take part in the development of the program.

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    NPAFC’s multinational survey in the North Pacific
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