4th Scientific Committee Meeting

    Jeju, Republic of Korea
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    4th SC Meeting
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    NPFC-2019-SC04-MIP02 Provisional Agenda
    NPFC-2019-SC04-MIP03 Provisional Annotated Agenda
    NPFC-2019-SC04-MIP04 Indicative Schedule
    NPFC-2019-SC04-WP01 (Rev. 2) Interim Regulations for Management of Scientific Data and Information
    NPFC-2019-SC04-WP02 NPFC–PICES Framework for Enhanced Scientific Collaboration in the North Pacific
    NPFC-2019-SSC BF02-WP02 Data collection templates for bottom fish
    NPFC-2019-SSC PS04-WP02 (Rev. 1) Scientific data which can be collected and/or validated by at-sea observers, fishermen, electronic reporting systems and other means for Pacific saury
    NPFC-2019-SC04-WP03 NPFC Data Management System
    NPFC-2019-SC04-IP01 (Rev. 2) Status of Members' Annual Reports for 2018
    NPFC-2019-SC04-IP02 Ecological Risk Assessments for deep-water elasmobranchs caught in the high seas
    NPFC-2019-SC04-IP03 North Pacific Regional Consultative and Planning Workshop for the International Decade of Ocean Science in support of Sustainable Development Goals
    NPFC-2019-SC04-IP04 Cooperation with NPAFC: IYS surveys in the high seas of the North Pacific
    NPFC-2019-SC04-IP05 A compiled list of cooperation opportunities and requests from other organizations
    NPFC-2019-SC04-OP01 NPFC-FIRMS Partnership
    NPFC-2019-TWG CMSA02-Final Report Report of the 2nd TWG CMSA meeting
    NPFC-2019-WS BRP_HCR_MSE01-Final Report Report of the BRP/HCR/MSE workshop
    NPFC-2019-AR-Annual Summary Footprint - Chub&Spotted Mackerels(Rev 1) 2018 – Annual summary footprint for chub mackerel and spotted mackerels in the NPFC Area of Competence
    NPFC-2019-AR-Annual Summary Footprint - Japanese Sardine 2018 – Annual summary footprint for Japanese sardine in the NPFC Area of Competence
    NPFC-2019-AR-Annual Summary Footprint - Squids 2018 – Annual summary footprint for squids in the NPFC Area of Competence
    Scientific projects for 2017-2021
    Scientific projects for 2017-2021 (click for LINK)
    2017-2021 Research Plan (click for LINK)
    Data information template for Pacific Saury
    Five-year work plan for each priority area of the Research Plan