Agenda Item 3 - Review of the general concept and best practices of BRP, HCR and MSE

    Title Document Number Authors File
    Case study: orange roughy NPFC-2019-WS BRP_HCR_MSE01-WP02 Patrick Cordue,
    Invited Expert
    What Makes an MP an MP and an MSE an MSE? NPFC-2019-WS BRP_HCR_MSE01-WP03 André E. Punt
    Best assessment vs management procedure based management: pros and cons NPFC-2019-WS BRP_HCR_MSE01-WP05
    An illustration of a working management procedure: South African hake NPFC-2019-WS BRP_HCR_MSE01-WP06 Doug S Butterworth
    Reference points NPFC-2019-WS BRP_HCR_MSE01-WP08 (Rev. 1) Laurence Kell
    Glossary of terms for harvest strategies, management procedures and management strategy evaluation NPFC-2019-WS BRP_HCR_MSE01-IP01
    Report of the 2018 joint tuna RFMO management strategy evaluation working group meeting NPFC-2019-WS BRP_HCR_MSE01-IP03