Workshop on data requirements and data sharing for Small Scientific Committees on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems and Bottom Fish

    Xiamen, China
    Short Name
    VME and BF Data Workshop
    Start Date
    End Date
    Registration Due
    Meeting Papers Due
    1 Opening of the Workshop
    1.1 Welcome Address
    1.2 Purpose of Workshop and Expectations
    2 Adoption of Agenda
    3 Data wish list for combined footprint and effort map of all bottom fisheries by gear and time for SAI assessment
    3.1 Fishing ground
    3.2 Fishing effort
    3.3 Other data
    4 Minimum data requirements and data resolution for combined SAI assessment
    4.1 Review of other relevant VME indicator taxa, in addition to the four existing taxa, and taxonomic resolution for VME indicators
    4.2 Combined SAI assessment
    5 Benthic habitat data wish list and data review
    5.1 Bathymetry data
    5.2 Review of scientific and fisheries independent survey data to conduct habitat mapping
    5.3 Review of all other available data and potentially relevant information from inside and outside the Convention Area to conduct habitat mapping
    5.4 Review of predicative models done by Members
    5.5 Recommendation for future work (e.g., consolidation of data)
    6 Timely arrangement and aggregation of the bottom fisheries information in relation to the post-encounter requirements
    7 Scientific information collected from the monitoring survey
    7.1 Recruitment period of North Pacific armorhead and location
    7.2 Criteria for strong recruitment of North Pacific armorhead
    8 Bycatch data wish list and data review
    8.1 Review of the data collection programme
    8.2 Review of the flow of the observer reports
    8.3 Review of the data and measures needed for species identification guides
    8.4 Recommendation for future work
    9 Review of data availability against data requirements from the FAO DSF Guidelines
    10 Data collection and sharing
    10.1 Data collection template (type of data and spatial-temporal resolution)
    10.2 Data sharing protocols
    10.3 Central data repository
    11 Recommendations to the SSC VME and SSC BF
    12 Adoption of the Report
    13 Close of the Workshop
    Document Number Title File
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-MIP02 Provisional Agenda
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-MIP03 Provisional Annotated Agenda
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-MIP04 Indicative Schedule
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-WP01 (Rev. 1) Data availability and progress in VME protection in the NPFC against data requirements from the FAO DSF Guidelines
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-WP02 Data on by-catch of corals during Russian long-line fishery on the Emperor seamounts in 2018
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-WP03 Updated proposal of a template for collecting scientific observer data from NPFC bottom fisheries
    NPFC-2017-SSC VME02-WP03(Rev 1) An assessment of the potential impacts of Japanese bottom fisheries on vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) within fished seamounts of the Emperor Seamounts region
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-WP04 Data wish list for an analysis of the tradeoffs between fishing and VME Protection
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-WP05 A Review of the Data Available for Defining the Bottom Contact Fisheries Footprint on the Seamounts of the Northwestern Hawaiian Ridge and Emperor Chain
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-WP06 Information from emerging scientific findings on Northeast Pacific Seamounts: reviewing other relevant VME indicator taxa, in addition to the existing coral taxa
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-IP01 NAFO: 10 Years of the FAO Deep-Sea Fisheries Guidelines
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-IP02 A systematic approach towards the identification and protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-IP03 Updated summary comparison of VME encounter protocols in bottom fish RFMO/As
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-IP04 Bathymetry of Emperor Seamounts
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-IP05 Fish identification guides for scientific observers on Japanese vessels operating bottom fisheries in the Emperor Seamounts area
    CMM 2018-05 Conservation And Management Measure For Bottom Fisheries And Protection Of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems In The Northwestern Pacific Ocean
    Science-based standards and criteria for identification of VMEs and assessment of significant adverse impacts on VMEs and marine species
    Interim Guidance for Management of Scientific Data Used in Stock Assessments
    Monitoring survey plan for the detection of strong recruitment of North Pacific armorhead and Protocol for the detection of its strong recruitment
    NPFC Bottom Fisheries Observer Programme
    Terms of Reference of the VME&BF Data Workshop