Korea - Proposal to amend CMM 2021-11 for Japanese Sardine, Neon Flying Squid and Japanese Flying Squid

    CMM 2021-11, para 6 provides that Members of the Commission and CNCPs shall provide their data on the three Pelagic Species in accordance with the data requirements adopted by the Commission in the Annual Report by the end of February, every year. However, those data requirements are yet to be elaborated, and no reference is made to vessel recording/reporting requirements.

    The absence of such requirements could leave gaps in the application and interpretation of catch reporting obligations stipulated by the NPFC Convention as well as the UN Fish Stocks Agreement.

    Therefore, Korea proposes a new paragraph is introduced to CMM 2022-11 to clarify the obligation of vessels to record and report the catches of the three Pelagic Species in the Convention Area.

    As the annual catches of the three Pelagic Species are reported to the Commission through the Secretariat, the new paragraph does not intend to create the flag state’s obligation to provide the catch report on a weekly basis. This obligation can be further reviewed depending on data needs and advice from the Scientific Committee in the future.

    Document Number
    NPFC-2023-COM07-WP06 Rev.1
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    Agenda Item
    Review of the amendments to existing CMM’s and any new CMMs
    Paper submitted by Korea
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