Agenda Item 7.1 - Review of the CMMs, amendments or new CMMs recommended by the Committees

    Title Agenda Sub-Group Document Number Authors File
    Proposed Amendment to CMM 2019-05 NPFC-2021-COM06-WP01 (Rev. 2)
    Proposed amendment to CMM 2019-11 NPFC-2021-COM06-WP02
    Amendment to CMM for Pacific Saury NPFC-2021-COM06-WP05 (Rev. 1) Japan
    Korea - Now posted as NPFC-2023-TCC06-WP16 - Proposal to amend CMM 2021-12 on the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) NPFC-2023-COM07-WP07 Updated status by the Secretariat
    Proposed amendment to CMM 2019-07 for Chub Mackerel NPFC-2021-COM06-WP06
    Vanuatu Statement on NPFC Pacific Saury CMM NPFC-2021-COM06-IP04