Agenda Item 4.1 - Surveys and VME Identification

    Title Agenda Sub-Group Document Number Authors File
    VMEs in North Western Pacific as life-supporting resources – challenges and possible science-based approaches to solutions NPFC-2018-WS VME01-WP07 Tatiana Dautova
    Global Overview of Actions Taken to Prevent SAI on VMEs: Surveys and VME Identification NPFC-2018-WS VME01-WP10 Ellen Kenchington,
    VME - North Pacific Perspective NPFC-2018-WS VME01-WP17 Robert Stone
    Defying Dissolution: Discovery of Deep-Sea Scleractinian Coral Reefs in the North Pacific NPFC-2018-WS VME01-IP02 Amy R. Baco, Nicole Morgan, E. Brendan Roark, Mauricio Silva, Kathryn E. F. Shamberger and Kelci Miller