Eighth Commission Session Concluded Hybrid Meetings in Osaka, Japan

    The 8th Meeting of the North Pacific Fisheries Commission (COM08) took place from 15 to 18 April 2024, in-person and by video conferencing. The Commission meeting was chaired by Mr. Shingo OTA (Japan). It was preceded by the Finance and Administration Committee (FAC06) meeting on 13 April and the Technical and Compliance Committee (TCC07) meeting from 9 to12 April. The event was attended by over 180 participants from nine Members, Panama as a Cooperating Non-Contracting Party (CNCP), and 8 observer groups.   
    The Commission Meeting has achieved the following:

    ●    Revised the Conservation and Management Measure (CMM) for Pacific saury including adopting an interim harvest control rule designed to help improve the status of the stock,  
    ●    Revised the CMM on the Compliance Monitoring Scheme to improve the compliance framework,  
    ●    Agreed to updates to the transshipment CMM and committed to the further development of the transshipment observer scheme,  
    ●    Updated CMMs for chub mackerel, bottom fisheries in the north-west and north-east Pacific Ocean, vessel monitoring system, marine pollution prevention, and IUU vessel list,  
    ●    Adopted a new CMM prohibiting directed fishing for, and retention of, anadromous fish (salmon),  
    ●    Adopted a Resolution on labor standards on fishing vessels,  
    ●    Agreed to proposals to deepen cooperation with other regional bodies,   
    ●    Adopted the 2024 NPFC IUU vessel list, and  
    ●    Agreed to provide public access to Commission meeting documents.   

    The next Commission meeting is tentatively scheduled to take place 24-27 March, 2025 in Japan.

    For more information, please contact the Executive Secretary of NPFC.  
    Telephone: +81 3 5479 8717  
    E-mail: Executive.Secretary@NPFC.int  
    website: www.npfc.int