NPFC holds meetings to enhance management of Pacific saury and chub mackerel

    NPFC convened intersessional meetings of SSC PS, TWG CMSA and SWG MSE PS from 30 August to 13 September 2022.

    The meeting of the SSC PS (Small Working Group on Pacific Saury) focused on data preparation to update the stock assessment of Pacific saury using the provisional base model (Bayesian State-Space Production Model).  Age-structured models are also under development to contribute to stock assessment and an MSE process.  The SSC PS provided input into the development and evaluation of an interim harvest control rule (HCR) for the management of Pacific saury fisheries.

    The SWG MSE PS (Small Working Group on Management Strategy Evaluation for Pacific Saury) meeting built upon outputs of the SSC PS meeting.  Members defined candidate management objectives and reference points.  They discussed several options for HCRs and a simulation platform to evaluate HCRs.  An implementation schedule has been drafted which aims at setting an HCR in 2024.

    The TWG CMSA (Technical Working Group on Chub Mackerel Stock Assessment) met to determine a stock assessment model for chub mackerel.  The TWG CMSA developed an operating model to test five candidate stock assessment models.  Members agreed to complete the evaluations of the model in 2023.  Also, Members reviewed data and abundance indices to be used for stock assessment of chub mackerel.