NPFC–PICES Framework for Enhanced Scientific Collaboration in the North Pacific

    The North Pacific Fisheries Commission (NPFC) and the North Pacific Marine Science Organisation (PICES) are inter-governmental organisations with overlapping geographical areas and common scientific interests in the sub-Arctic regions of the North Pacific Ocean.  The joint PICES-NPFC Study Group for Scientific Cooperation in the North Pacific Ocean (PICES-NPFC SG) developed a framework that strives to enhance collaboration between the two organisations.
    This Framework identified three broad areas of joint interest to PICES and the NPFC on which progress could be made over the next five years.  These areas were (i) support for stock assessment for priority species; (ii) vulnerable marine ecosystems; and (iii) ecosystem approach to fisheries.  The first two areas were ranked highest for both PICES and NPFC, and the third area was ranked lower. There were other areas that were discussed, but it was recommended not to pursue these areas due to being a lower priority when the framework was developed or they were not aligned with the organisation’s research plans and priorities.  Some areas (e.g., climate change) were incorporated into the three high priority areas above.  As areas of interest and priorities change over time, the joint areas for collaboration may be updated.
    The framework identifies various mechanisms for implementing enhanced collaboration between PICES and NPFC including workshops and joint working groups as the key ones in the near term, but also theme sessions at PICES annual meetings, representation at meetings and/or workshops, and coordination of science plans.
    Following approval and implementation form both organisations, routine monitoring of the progress of activities will be completed jointly by the Secretariats of PICES and NPFC and reported to the PICES Science Board and the NPFC Scientific Committee on an annual basis during their respective annual meetings.

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