Proposal to amend CMM 2021-12 on the Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

    Throughout the key documents of the NPFC, including the Convention and CMMs, it is not
    easy to find a definitive list of serious violations, as several definitions provided in different
    CMMs are not identical, and references in CMMs appear to be inconsistent.
    For example, paragraph 38(m) of CMM 2021-09 for High Seas Boarding and Inspection
    Procedures for the NPFC provides that “intentionally tempering or disabling the vessel
    monitoring system” shall be considered a serious violation, but the relevant CMM on VMS,
    2021-12, does not mention in its main text that the VMS must be temper-proof and any
    violation thereof shall be considered a serious violation.
    Therefore, Korea proposes to introduce two new paragraphs that clarify these points so that
    the relevant CMMs can be consistent in terms of the definitions of serious violations.

    Document Number
    NPFC-2023-TCC06-WP16 Rev. 3
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    Agenda Item
    Review of the amendments to existing CMM’s and any new CMMs
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