Scientific projects

    The intent of this document is to put together scientific projects for the current and following fiscal years.  The status of the existing recurrent projects #1 (GIS), #2 and #3 (meetings), #7 and #8 (external experts), #9 (fish id guide) and #6 and #10 (cooperation with NPAFC and PICES) has been updated.  An International Course for NPFC observers for VME indicator taxa identification has been postponed until further notice.  The NPFC supported the PICES-ICES-FAO Small Pelagic Fish Symposium which was held in Lisbon, Portugal from 7-11 November 2022.  Proposed travel grants for invited experts to the PICES’s workshop on seamount ecology and topic session on small pelagic fish have not been endorsed by the Commission due to the postponement of its 2022 annual session.  Tree new projects (#11 SWG MSE PS meeting, #12 PICES session and #13 VME encounter thresholds) which require a funding decision have been added for consideration by the SC.

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    Scientific projects for 2023 and 2024
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