Updated summary comparison of VME encounter protocols in bottom fish RFMO/As

    This document is an update of NPFC-2017-SSC VME02-IP01 which reviewed the encounter protocols of bottom fish RFMO/As. The purpose of this document is to facilitate our understanding on the structure and function of NPFC VME encounter protocols in comparison with those adopted and implemented in other RFMO/As. Key elements of VME encounter protocols (VME indicators, encounter thresholds, move-on distance, post-encounter treatment) were extracted from the texts of current conservation measures of bottom fish RFMO/As and listed in Appendix. The elements of encounter protocols for trawl fisheries are summarized and compared.

    Document Number
    NPFC-2018-WS VME01-WP02
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    VME Encounter Protocols
    Masashi Kiyota
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