4th SSC VME meeting

    Jeju, Republic of Korea
    Short Name
    4th SSC VME meeting
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    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-MIP02 Provisional Agenda
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-MIP03 Provisional Annotated Agenda
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-MIP04 Indicative Schedule
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-WP01 VME post-encounter treatment: Review of other RFMO/As’ practices and the NPFC situation
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-WP02 Updating assessment of the potential impacts of Japanese bottom fisheries on vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) in the Emperor Seamounts region
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-WP03 (Rev. 1) Design and content of other RFMOs’ VME Taxa ID Guides and suggestions from the NPFC Members
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-WP04 (Rev. 2) List of existing data for VME assessments
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-WP05 (Rev. 1) SSC VME Work Plan, 2017-2021
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-WP06 Update on Canada’s analysis of balancing fisheries with the protection of vulnerable marine ecosystems
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-WP07 Spatial management of VMEs and bottom fisheries, spatial/temporal map of Members’ Pacific saury catch and effort
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-WP08 Coral bycatch by Korean trawl fisheries on the Emperor Seamounts in 2018
    NPFC-2019-SSC VME04-IP01 Other VME research activities in Canada
    CMM 2017-06 CMM For Bottom Fisheries and Protection of VMEs in the NE Pacific Ocean (click for LINK)
    NPFC-2018-WS DATA01-Final Report Workshop on Data Requirements and Data Sharing for Small Scientific Committees on Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems and Bottom Fish
    CMM 2018-05 CMM For Bottom Fisheries and Protection of VMEs in the NW Pacific Ocean (click for LINK)