Agenda Item 6.2 - Intersessional works on fishery data (catch-at-age, weight-at-age, maturity-at-age, if possible)

    Title Agenda Sub-Group Document Number Authors File
    Content of the document for data description on the chub mackerel in China NPFC-2023-TWG CMSA07-IP03 Heng Zhang, Haibin Han, Delong Xiang, Yuyan Sun,Yang Li, Yongchuang Shi
    he comparison of weight-at-age and maturity-at-age of chub mackerels NPFC-2023-TWG CMSA07-WP13 Akihiro Manabe, Ryuji Yukami
    Monthly catch data and distribution of chub mackerel fishing grounds by Chinese purse seine fleet NPFC-2023-TWG CMSA07-WP09 Heng Zhang, Yongchuang Shi, Yang Li
    Monthly catch data on the purse seine and pelagic trawl fleet in China NPFC-2023-TWG CMSA07-WP10 Heng Zhang, Yongchuang Shi, Yang Li