2nd Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Pacific Saury Stock Assessment

    Vladivostok, Russia
    Short Name
    2nd TWG PSSA
    Start Date
    End Date
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    1. Opening of the Meeting
    2. Adoption of Agenda
    3. Overview of the outcomes of previous NPFC meetings relevant to Pacific saury
    4. Review of the Terms of References of the TWG PSSA for 2017-2021
    5. Review of fishery data and their availability
    5.1 Catch series, age/size composition data and others
    5.2 Recommendations on data collection and data sharing
    6. Review of fishery-dependent and fishery-independent indices
    6.1 Review of the existing protocol
    6.2 Review/update of the indices
    6.3 Evaluation of the quality of the indices
    6.4 Recommendations on future works
    7. Review and update of biological information/data
    8. Update of the stock assessment using “provisional base models” (BSSPM)
    8.1 Review of the existing model, stock assessment protocol and specification
    8.2 Update of the analyses using a new set of data
    8.3 Implication for management of Pacific saury fisheries
    8.3.1 Stock biomass, fishing mortality and associated uncertainties
    8.3.2 Biological reference points
    8.3.3 Risk analyses of alternative catch levels
    8.4 Possible improvements of the models within BSSPM
    8.5 Recommendations on future works
    9. Exploration of stock assessment models other than existing “provisional base models”
    9.1 Data invention/availability (including the identification of potential covariates)
    9.2 Initial discussion on age/size/stage-structured models
    9.3 Identification of information/data gaps and limits
    9.4 Recommendations on future works
    10. Other matters
    10.1 Review of presentation of stock assessment results
    10.2 Facilitation of code-sharing processes
    10.3 Initial discussion on Management Strategy Evaluation
    10.4 Priorities for next meeting
    11. Recommendations to the Small Scientific Committee on Pacific Saury
    12. Adoption of Report
    13. Close of the Meeting