3rd Meeting of the Technical Working Group on Pacific Saury Stock Assessment

    Xiamen, China
    Short Name
    TWG PSSA03
    Start Date
    End Date
    Registration Due
    Meeting Papers Due
    1 Opening of the Meeting
    2 Adoption of Agenda
    3 Overview of the outcomes of previous NPFC meetings relevant to Pacific saury
    4 Review of the Terms of References of the TWG PSSA
    5 Review of fishery data and their availability
    5.1 Catch series
    5.1.1 Review of data quality of catch series
    5.1.2 Review of progress on update/refinement of catch series
    5.1.3 Finalization of catch series for updating BSSPM
    5.1.4 Recommendations for future work
    5.2 Review of progress on the recommended work on data collection and data sharing
    5.2.1 Data security regulations
    5.2.2 Data sharing
    6 Review of fishery-dependent and fishery-independent indices
    6.1 Review of the existing CPUE Standardization Protocol
    6.2 Review of data quality of abundance indices
    6.3 Review any new/updated information on the indices
    6.4 Finalization of abundance indices for updating BSSPM
    6.5 Recommendations for future work
    7 Work toward joint CPUE series
    7.1 Review of the intention of CPUE data compilation
    7.2 Review of progress on the intersessional work for data compilation
    7.3 Statistical modelling and estimation
    7.4 Finalization of single joint CPUE series
    7.5 Conclusion and recommendations for future work
    8 Review and update of biological information/data
    9 Toward update of the stock assessment using “provisional base models” (BSSPM)
    9.1 Review of the existing model and stock assessment protocol
    9.2 Finalization of specification of BSSPM
    9.2.1 Common data set
    9.2.2 Base and robustness cases of statistical and population dynamics models
    9.2.3 Common output forms to provide management advice including risk analyses of alternative catch levels
    9.3 Timeline toward the 4th TWG PSSA meeting
    10 Other matters
    10.1 Discussion of draft literature review of the TRPs and LRPs
    11 Recommendations to the Small Scientific Committee on Pacific Saury
    12 Adoption of Report
    13 Close of the Meeting